"We want to offer parents a window into their child's day with us. Not only will it provide peace of mind that their child is settled and happy, it gives parents an opportunity to gain an insight into their child's daily experiences and what they are learning. Parents now get to experience some of the wonderful times their children have with us at the centre. It's a great way to bring the centre, children and parent community closer together."

Kumi Tsuruta – Centre Manager - Top Tots Grey Lynn

"It's a fantastic idea and parents are thrilled that we are providing the TinyTelly service. The TinyTelly system is completely secure and only parents with children at the centre can access the cameras. It provides parents with a window into their children's day and shows them the different activities they get up to and how they interact with staff and children in our centre. It sends a very positive signal to parents and shows everyone that we are very proud of our centre. We want to involve parents in their children's day as much as we can."

Fleur McDermott – Licensee - Central Park Early Learning Centre Henderson

"TinyTelly gives us openness. It keeps us on our toes. All the staff know they have to be on their best behaviour at all times. Not that we wouldn't be anyway, but the staff all know that a parent could be watching at any time. They're all right behind it."

Natasha Lee – Centre Director - Small Poppies Ruakaka

"We decided to make TinyTelly an integral part of our centres' offering to provide a truly open door policy to our parents. The parent live viewing service reflects the greater needs of parents with young children in childcare who find it difficult to leave their little ones and who feel that they are missing out on their child's development. With TinyTelly they will be able to see them when they can't be there in person. It's a great added value service that gives parents the opportunity to gain insight in to their child's day and see some of those key milestones while they are away from home."

Lisa Burton-Burn – Centre Director - Lollipops Educare Auckland"

"We were very happy to offer our parents the opportunity to see their children during the day, using TinyTelly cameras. Parents enjoy seeing their children when they can't be there in person and our teachers think it's wonderful how parents (and especially grandparents overseas) can share in their day".

Wendy Irving – Centre Supervisor - Lollipops Educare Parnell
"When we introduced the TinyTelly system to our chain of Centres the reaction from parents was extremely positive. They could witness how well we cared for their children and their impressions of our service were enhanced. Our already excellent reputation was strengthened within our industry. Whilst some of our teachers were initially wary of being on camera, after a while they began to think of their presence in a positive sense as it gave them the ability to demonstrate how well they cared for and educated the children. Parents gave positive feedback to our teachers as a result. TinyTelly also enabled grandparents and other extended family from overseas a unique opportunity to view their little one live at play in our centres. We found the TinyTelly team to be professional and responsive in their dealings with us. Their technology proved reliable and we were impressed with the capabilities of their system. We have no hesitation recommending TinyTelly to other Centre operators who wish to differentiate themselves from their competition and give their parents an easy way to share more in their child's day."
Mark Finlay – Managing Director – Lollipops Educare New Zealand

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