Live Video Viewing for Parents

See your children when you can't be there

Watch them develop and play

See how your Childcare Centre takes their safety seriously

What is TinyTelly

TinyTelly is a CCTV video streaming and recording service for Childcare Centres developed in New Zealand.

It lets you view live video of your child while they're at your Childcare Centre.

By installing TinyTelly your Centre is showing you their commitment to ensuring your child's safety.

"I had no choice but to go back to work when my son was only a few months old. I had a real sense of guilt that I was missing out on his development and always wondered how he was doing when I wasn't with him. I needn't worry anymore. With TinyTelly I can see him at any time during the day."

"When I drop my daughter off in the morning I know she's happy. She loves going to Childcare and the Centre is so good they keep me informed of what she's been up to. But it's not the same as being able to see her, especially when I miss her when I'm at work and always wonder what she's doing. Thanks to TinyTelly, now I can!"

Secure and Private

Like you, we are also parents with children in Childcare so the security of our system has always been our highest priority.

Our Cloud-based servers use leading edge security mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access to camera streams.

Our Privacy protections meet stringent New Zealand standards.

View on Any Device, Anywhere

Our technology delivers high-quality, smooth video straight to your smart device.

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC and an Internet connection. No downloads or apps to install.

Get yourself up & running immediately.

For Parents and Family

TinyTelly isn't just for parents. Let your extended family also share in your child's day in childcare no matter where they are.

Each person has their own account, giving them full control over when and for how long they use TinyTelly.

"We want to offer parents a window into their child's day with us. Not only does it provide peace of mind that their child is settled and happy, it gives parents an opportunity to gain an insight into their child's daily experiences and what they are learning."

"Parents can now see what we do here...we have nothing to hide so we welcome parents viewing at any time."

"Parents can see their children are happy and being cared for."

Frequently asked questions

Why did my Childcare Centre choose TinyTelly?

Your Childcare Centre wanted to make sure your child is protected using the latest technology to meet the requirements of new laws about childcare centre CCTV systems. By choosing TinyTelly your Centre is now able to offer you this new service so you can share more in your child's day while they're in care. You can connect more with your child and keep up to date with their development when you can't be there in person.

How does the TinyTelly system work?

TinyTelly installs cameras discretely around your Childcare Centre. These cameras don't move around, in fact they're always fixed in one position. This ensures privacy for children, staff and other visitors to the Centre. Then, we use the Internet to send live images from cameras to your smart device or computer. To make sure the wrong people never get access to our cameras, the images go through our secure Cloud-based video servers where we control who can access them. Once the images have passed through here, they're ready to be viewed on almost any device with an Internet connection. So whether you're on the bus, at work or stopping at an Internet café, seeing your child is easy. And the quality's excellent, thanks to our advanced video streaming technology.

Can TinyTelly work with my company's firewall?

TinyTelly works with most firewalls used today so you should have no problems using TinyTelly from your office computer. You can also use your smartphone, tablet or laptop with a WiFi or 3G/4G Internet connection.

What will I see?

Once verified and logged into the secure parents area you'll see high quality live video images of your child in Childcare and be able to choose from different cameras located where your child is. Security and privacy are our top priorities so we don't transmit any sound with the camera images.

How much does it cost?

The TinyTelly fee varies by Centre and is no more than just a few dollars a day for every day your child's enrolled at Childcare. Such a small price for staying connected with your child's development.

Please note that in some cases your centre may charge you a fee different to our standard rate. This will depend on the way your centre offers our service. Some Centres even choose to provide the TinyTelly service free to parents.

What do I need to use TinyTelly?

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC with an Internet connection. You don't need any fancy software as everything's provided online via the Internet. If you can access the net, you can access TinyTelly.

How do I pay?

During the online sign-up process you will use your credit card to set up automatic monthly payments. You can cancel the service whenever you like.

Are the camera images clear?

Our state of the art technology delivers the best possible picture to your smart device at all times. The most important factor affecting image quality is the speed of your Internet connection. The faster it is, the better the quality.

Is TinyTelly video recorded?

Yes – during opening hours and after hours, video from the cameras is recorded and stored safely on our servers for security purposes. Only people authorised by law can access the recordings.

Why does transmission stop after ten or fifteen minutes or so?

This is one of our security measures to stop unauthorised people viewing your child in case you forget to logoff. You can always logon again straight away, as long as you do so within any viewing times that may have been established by your Centre.

How many different cameras can I access to see my child?

Most Centres will place cameras where children spend the most time playing, learning and interacting with other children. Whilst TinyTelly will generally recommend cameras throughout most common areas, the actual number of cameras installed is up to each Centre's management to decide.

Can I share my password with other family members?

No, but you don't need to share your password because you can have at least two TinyTelly user accounts (one for each parent). Some Centres also allow extended family members to have accounts as well.

How often can I use TinyTelly?

For security and privacy reasons, you can only access TinyTelly during the hours your child is enrolled at Childcare, and subject to any conditions of use set by your Centre. For example, some Centres may choose to limit your viewing times to certain times of the day. Speak to your Centre about these conditions when you want to sign up. You can also check your centre's viewing times when you are signing up to the service online.

Will using TinyTelly consume very much of my Internet data allowance?

TinyTelly uses one of the most efficient video streaming technologies available today. You should not notice a significant impact on your Internet data usage from using TinyTelly.

What if I want to stop using TinyTelly?

We don't lock our customers into fixed term contracts. If you don't wish to continue using our services then simply follow the unsubscribe process' once you're logged in. Please note that you may be charged for the full month of use during the month that you unsubscribe.

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