Live Video Viewing for Parents

Parents love spending time with their child, so it's only natural for them to want to see their child when they can't be there in person.

They love to see their child learning and interacting with others.

By using TinyTelly you send a strong message to parents that you're serious about child safety.

What is Parent Live Viewing?

TinyTelly uses CCTV cameras to stream high quality video securely to parents over the Internet so they can use their smartphone, tablet or PC to share in their child's day while they're in child care.

TinyTelly uses the latest security methods to ensure that only authorised parents can access the camera streams.

"When we introduced the TinyTelly system to our Centres in New Zealand the reaction from parents was extremely positive. Because they could witness how well we cared for their children their impressions of our service were enhanced and our excellent reputation was strengthened."

Mark Finlay – Managing Director – Lollipops Educare New Zealand

You're in Control

You're in full control of who can view the TinyTelly camera streams, which cameras can be viewed, for how long and at what times of the day.

Parents sign up to use the system online and all you need to do is approve their application and then we take care of the rest.

Staff Friendly

TinyTelly's staff-friendly features allow you to control who can access cameras, viewing times and viewing durations.

Cameras are placed so that Teachers and staff can have privacy when they need it.

Parents can only view cameras during the days and times their child is enrolled in your Centre.

Secure and Private

TinyTelly uses state of the art technology used by many banks.

Our Cloud-based servers use leading edge security mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access to camera streams.

Our Privacy protections meet stringent New Zealand standards.

Frequently asked questions

How can parents sign up for TinyTelly?

It's easy and it's all done online at Once parents have completed their New Parent Sign-Up registration forms your Centre Owner or Manager will be automatically alerted via email to "Approve" or "Reject" the parent application.

How are parents charged?

When parents subscribe to TinyTelly they provide their credit card details which we use to set up automatic payments. You don't need to do anything apart from approve their application to use TinyTelly.

What if we have problems with one of the TinyTelly cameras?

Most problems should only require a phone call or an email to TinyTelly. But for those rare times when this isn't possible, we use a national network of qualified, professional IT technicians, who aim to resolve problems within 24 hrs.

Who handles the administration?

We want you to focus on what you do best - taking care of children. TinyTelly handles all parent enquiries, technical or general, everything related to the running of our service in your Centre. All you need to do is process parent online sign-up applications, a simple 1 minute task.

Do you assign individual logins and passwords to each user?

For security reasons each authorised parent will have a unique username and password. In fact, no two users (even mums and dads in the same family) can use the same login. Parents can request Additional Viewer accounts so that extended family members can also enjoy TinyTelly.

Can we see who is using the TinyTelly system?

Authorised Centre staff can access a list of currently logged in parents and view a history of parent logins.

As a Centre manager, can I access the cameras in my Centre during the day?

Yes - Centre managers and other authorised users can access each of the cameras in the Centre 24 hours a day from their smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. Centre managers can easily reassure themselves that their Centre is operating normally.

Do you provide marketing materials to help me educate parents about TinyTelly?

To help you tell parents all about TinyTelly, we provide free, full colour leaflets for you to distribute to parents at your Centre. We also provide posters to place in your centre to inform visitors about the TinyTelly system.

How will my staff feel with TinyTelly cameras operating?

Some staff may feel uncertain about having cameras around the Centre, especially at first. After a few days however, the cameras soon fade into the background because staff know that TinyTelly is protecting their security while allowing parents see the great job they’re doing. TinyTelly makes sure that our cameras are non-intrusive and staff friendly.

Can we see a demonstration?

Yes - the best way to see TinyTelly is in person. We'd love to meet with you and your staff to show you a live product demonstration and discuss how we can meet your Centre's specific needs.

There's no sound on parent live streaming. Is this normal?

Yes it is and it's for a good reason. Security and privacy is of paramount importance to TinyTelly and we demonstrate this by removing the sound from our camera streams. This way children, parents and your staff can go about their day without feeling like someone's listening in. The cameras are also stationary and cannot zoom.

Is special software required to use TinyTelly?

No - TinyTelly instantly works with any smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC running iOS, Android, OS X or Windows. It does not require any software or apps to be installed.

Is there an optimum number of cameras for my Centre?

Every Centre is different so if you have a floorplan available, this is a good place to start thinking about where cameras could be placed. Most Centres choose to have cameras where the children spend most of their time and from positions that offer parents a good view. Ultimately it's up to TinyTelly and individual Centres to agree the optimum number of cameras to be installed.

What hardware or equipment will TinyTelly install?

If you already have some compatible IP cameras installed, we can re-use those cameras and perhaps add some more for you to provide good coverage. All equipment and wiring is installed according to the strictest regulations by qualified and professional installers. And they're very neat! Once we ve setup our Internet connection TinyTelly is ready to use.

What sort of picture quality can I expect?

TinyTelly uses the latest Cloud-based technology to power its video servers. CCTV recordings and parent live streaming picture quality is very good and getting better as the technology improves. Images are crisp and flow smoothly when viewed by parents or from CCTV recordings.

Is TinyTelly video recorded?

Yes - during Centre opening hours TinyTelly records high quality video streams from all (or selected) cameras installed in the Centre. These recordings are stored securely on our Cloud-based servers where they can be accessed only by authorised people. Recordings can be viewed online and downloaded if required.

TinyTelly does not have recording features for parents viewing live camera streams from the Centre. This is to ensure the privacy of the other children and staff within the Centre.

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