Advanced CCTV for Childcare Centres and Parents

With TinyTelly you can show parents you care about child safety and let them share in their child's day in your care

What is TinyTelly

TinyTelly is a Cloud-based CCTV, video streaming and recording service developed in New Zealand specifically for Childcare Centres.

TinyTelly lets Childcare Centres meet Government regulations for CCTV recording and gives parents a unique way to view their children while they're in childcare.

With staff-friendly features, 24/7 security surveillance and Cloud video recording capability, TinyTelly gives Childcare Centres everything they need to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Cloud Video Recording

Continuously records video
from cameras in your Childcare Centre

Securely stores video footage
online for 60 days

Protects the interests of staff,
parents and children

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Parent Live Viewing

Lets parents view live video of
their children while they're in your care

Secure and private –
you control access to the system

Parents can view their child
on any device from anywhere

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24/7 CCTV Surveillance

Reliable CCTV protection for your
Childcare Centre, children and staff

Motion detection and night vision
gives your Centre 24/7 protection

View your Centre's cameras
on any device from anywhere

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Why Choose TinyTelly?

Increase Your Revenue

Centres with parent live viewing services achieve higher enrolment levels. Parents look for Centres where they think their children will be safe. With TinyTelly, they can see for themselves.

Some of our pricing options let you share in revenue earned from parents subscribing to use the TinyTelly service.

Protect Your Staff

Your Teachers and staff are your most important assets. TinyTelly helps to protect their interests by providing video evidence of how they care for children.

TinyTelly's staff-friendly features allow you to control who can access cameras, viewing times and viewing duration.

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Protect Your Premises

After-hours, TinyTelly monitors your cameras and records any movement for later viewing and action.

Our cameras can see at night and can be installed inside or outside your premises, giving you complete protection.

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Reduce Parent Anxiety

Research shows that parental separation anxiety can be greatly reduced by offering a parent live viewing service like TinyTelly.

The positive side effect to you is less phone calls from worried or concerned parents.

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