CCTV Features

Even if you already have a CCTV system in your Centre, it may not be capable of meeting government regulations. By choosing TinyTelly you gain instant compliance, 24/7 CCTV security and TinyTelly's innovative live viewing feature for parents.

Cloud Video Recording

During opening hours video streams are automatically recorded and stored securely on our Cloud-based video servers for 60 days.

Recordings can only be viewed and downloaded by authorised people such as Centre Management and Police.

TinyTelly CCTV meets all government requirements for security and privacy.

Motion Detection

When a camera detects motion, our video server starts recording until 1 minute after the motion stops.

Time-stamping and search features make finding a recording easy, with access to two months' worth of recordings at all times.

Recordings can be viewed online or downloaded for offline storage or viewing.

Night Vision

For those low light areas of your centre and its surrounding grounds, your cameras can be fitted with an optional infra-red capability.

High quality images are then created from the heat produced by the human body.

By day these are normal, daylight-capturing cameras, by night they switch to infra-red mode, giving your Centre complete 24 hr protection.

Remote Monitoring

If you manage more than one Centre or you're the person who has to answer the phone when the alarm is triggered at 3am, you'll find remote monitoring really useful.

You can use your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC to check the cameras in your Centre instead of going in yourself or paying for costly security patrols.

Use Your Cameras or Ours

TinyTelly works with many CCTV cameras so if you already have compatible cameras in place we can use those.

We can also provide and install additional cameras to give your Centre full coverage for CCTV and parent live viewing.

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